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Feb 23, 2007 at 12:02 PM

sso configuration


hi to all,

I am trying to configure sso.i have two portals and i want to access web application deployed in j2ee engine of one portal through other portal using sso.

i followed the following steps:

step 1

a. Using the Key Storage service on the ticket-issuing server, select the

TicketKeystore view and the SAPLogonTicketKeypair-cert entry.

b. Choose Export.

c. Specify a filename. Use the file type X.509 Certificate with the extension

.crt and choose OK.

step 2

a. Using the Key Storage service on the accepting server, select the

TicketKeystore view.

b. Choose Load.

c. Select the file from the file system and choose OK.

step 3

a. Using the Security Provider service, choose Policy Configurations.

b. Select the ticket (or evaluate_assertion_ticket) template or the

application that is to accept logon tickets.

The login module stack for the template or application appears.

c. Select the EvaluateTicketLoginModule (or

EvaluateAssertionTicketLoginModule) entry and choose Modify.

d. Under Options, make the following entries for each ticket-issuing server from

which the J2EE Engine should accept logon tickets:

trustedsy1 J2E,000

trustediss1 CN=J2E (From the certificate i imported ie, from issuer DN)

trusteddn1 CN=J2E(From the certificate i imported ie, from owner DN)

step 4 i adjusted the login module ticket to web application

And both portals are in same domain.

When i logged into the issuer portal and try to acess the web appliaction in other portal it still prompts me for the username and password.

Please tell me where i am going wrong or want i am doing is totally wrong.Please help me in this regard.I would be very thank ful .For help ful answers i will award points.