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C4C Contracts replication to ECC

May 22, 2017 at 07:30 AM


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Is standard C4C Sales Contracts replication to ECC is supported?

Can anyone share any documentation on this?



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1 Answer

Mahima Mishra May 02 at 07:35 AM


I am trying to replicate C4C Contract to ECC. I could see that there is transfer action button and transfer log tab. Could someone elaborate the functionality and required configurations for the same?



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Hello Mahima,

Sales Contracts and Service Contracts can now be replicated to ERP from C4C. Its can Bi-Directional or Uni-Directional(inbound to C4C) based on your usecase.

For a Document Type, if you have enabled the flag "External" and marked as "Bi-Directional" under Replication - you can complete the external pricing call and when it is successful , clicking on Transfer will send the contract to ERP. A confirmation from ERP to C4C will set an External ID on C4C document - then the document is in sync in both the systems.

Please check the Document Types link under the activity Sales Contract or Service Contract for more help / also you can refer the helpcenter documentation for more info.

Manideep Satya


Thanks Manideep, yes i made the required changes and was able to activate the functionality. However, if we mark it to external then "request external pricing" in Actions becomes mandatory.


You can sent over the document only after you have executed the external pricing action.

So you also need to have pricing in place in finetuning: pricing procedure, price conditions etc. So that values form SAP ECC can be given back.

You also might face some code list mapping that needs to be done.

Are you setting up a biderectional sales contract proces?

Please let us know how its going.