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Feb 22, 2007 at 02:45 PM

Solution Manager 3.2 Upgrade problem.


Hello all.

I am trying to upgrade Solution Manager 3.2 to version 4, my OS - Solaris 9 on SPARC, RDBMS - Oracle

On phase TR_QUEUE2HEAP of PREPARE module a get an error:

ERROR: Unable to expand queue.

Return Code = -1, Reason = "Internal error: Attribute set 01 is missing for OCS package is missing for OCS p"

Check log file 'SPDA_EXPAND_QUEUE.LOG' for details.

SEVERE ERROR: (R3uppat.c:22890) RC = RC_ERROR



After I select "Contunue", a get a "SEVERE ERROR(S) OCCURRED IN TR_QUEUE2HEAP !!!"

I cant find file SPDA_EXPAND_QUEUE.LOG.

This is log from TRQUEUE2HEAP.LOG:

1 ETQ201XEntering upgrade-phase "TR_QUEUE2HEAP" ("20070222162516")

2 ETQ367 Connect variables are set for standard instance access

4 ETQ399 System-nr = '02', GwService = 'sapgw02'

4 ETQ399 Environment variables:

4 ETQ399 dbs_ora_schema=SAPSM4

4 ETQ399 auth_shadow_upgrade=0

4 ETQ399 (trc) R3upExtendedInclusion: TRUE (default)

4 ETQ399 Parameter "spam_queue_with_syncmarks" has been reset from SAPup parameter file

4 ETQ399 (trc) Syncmark handling done by SPAM (gpv_spam_queue_with_syncmarks=TRUE)

4 ETQ399 (trc) R3upQueueExpand: Expand mode = REQUEST

4 ETQ230 Starting RFC Login to: System = "SM4", GwHost = "r3devsrv01", GwService = "sapgw02"

4 ETQ359 RFC Login to: System="SM4", Nr="02", GwHost="r3devsrv01", GwService="sapgw02"

4 ETQ232 RFC Login succeeded

4 ETQ233 Calling function module "SPDA_EXPAND_QUEUE" by RFC

4 ETQ010 Date & Time: 20070222162517

I cant find any notes or messages regarding this error.

Please help me !