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Archiving for MM_EKKO


I'm trying to archive purchasing document on MM_EKKO object, but i have confused about some step :

1. What is the different between one step procedure and two-step procedure on Preprocessing?I try to run and compare both of them, but the process seems like no different. The process is to make deletion indicator for PO. Please give me some example to make me clear. Which one the best practice for use ?

2. Why we need the Processing first ? I mean, why the program not bulid into one process, checking the complete document and then create archive file directly in Write Process? Is there something reason, like performa or something else.

3. What conditions required by the document to be considered as compete and able to set deletion indicator ?

4. What should i do, if i found so many outstanding PO which can not set the deletion indicator? And how to make the document complete ?

5. Can we set the automatic job for archiving ?

Example :

I want to run the archiving process every month on the first date.

If today is May 01, 2017, i want to archive the document from April 2017

Then if today is June 01, 2017, 1 want to archive the document from May 2017, etc

So, we don’t need to open SARA everytime we want to archive, just set once at the beginning, in hope to reduce the unforce error, such as forget to run the archiving process or wrong entry for selection date.

Thank You for your help

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2 Answers

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    May 22, 2017 at 08:19 AM

    1. There is no difference for one and 2step in preprocessing.

    The difference is in the write job, in a 1step process the item is immediately archived, while in a 2step process the write job evaluates the change date and starts only archiving when the days defined for the 2step process have been passed.

    It adds a bit of safety, just in case you did a wrong selection you give the users some time to identify issues before the next write job archives the PO which got a deletion indicator. From my experience it confuses the users more as they might see an awful lot of deleted POs until they get archived.

    2. In preprocessing you get spool files with errors and you might want to resolve those errors before you actually start with write jobs, thats why they are decoupled.

    3 if FAQ - please search.

    4. there can be hundred different reasons, without knowing those problems in detail you can't expect help as this would require writing a book. I bet that most errors have already been discussed in the community.

    5. Of course it is possible to schedule the archive execution as job monthly, like any other transaction too, Job scheduling has been explained and documented several times in the community. Please search

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  • May 22, 2017 at 06:39 AM

    Almost every thing has been discussed in this SAP library

    Archive is not a small thing, why do you want to archive last month's documents? Is it a requirement from an organization or just for your knowledge?

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