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Open Item Management on G/L accounts - Residual item

May 21, 2017 at 10:43 PM


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Hi guys,

We would like to clear open items on G/L accounts with residual items. Is this possible as I could only find this configurable on vendor / customer accounts.


We have lots of clearing accounts in banking which are currently not marked as open item managed. In addition those accounts are posted with values from FI-CA / mass debitors. We would like to enable OIM and clear transactions (esp. incoming) based on a reference automatically (e.g. based on F.13) on the general ledger accounts. Of course we are not speaking about clearing in FI-CA rather about G/L.

Due to unreliable data and unforeseen transactions in FI-CA the transactions on the account to a specific reference do not always clear with balance 0. This results in the requirement to handle differences. The residual item could be used to handle this in an efficient way and to not have a third account for this.

Thanks a lot for any insights or hints!


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Eli Klovski
May 22, 2017 at 06:53 AM


If I understand you correctly, then I see no specific problems in applying this solution. Of course, since it is about retroactive activation of O/I regime, it would be better to perform a test exercise on the accounts in question. This way, you would see if there are any issues in flagging the documents as open items and you will have an idea about the offset amounts, which would be still remaining after clearing. What you call a 'residual item' would be basically an offset of the lump sum amount which remains on each and every G/L account. Of course, you can clear it against some dummy G/L posting, though it would eventually mean transferring open balances from one G/L to another.



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Hello Eli,

thanks a lot for your comments. I happen not find the feature / way to configure posting of residual amounts as a new open item on the G/L accounts by using F.13. This seems to be available only for creditors / debitors. Is there by chance any way to do this?

We did the exercise already and depending on the accounts the process works quite flawlessly or has some issues in a lots of postings. I will have to deeply check the current setup but if this persists for any reason I might have to find a solution for it.

My only idea would be to check the electronic bank statement features if I could post a clearing document in the EBS.

Thanks if you any other idea of doing this.

BR Peter


Well, it won't work directly within F.13. You would have rather to clear everything, which is ever possible via F.13 and then resume the clearing manually (or via BDC, if it's a lot of leftovers) by posting the remaining amount via 'post with clearing'. Alternatively, you can foresee a posting, which would offset the relevant account completely, providing the required data used by F.13 to match documents eligible for clearing. Then, perform F.13.


Thanks Eli. I just needed a second opinion whether I do not see any other option.

BR Peter