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Non-SAP EDI File to SAP App server

May 21, 2017 at 04:14 AM


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I have a EDI file which is available now in middle ware system , We have Inbound connection to that EDI systems to SAP . How can we access that EDI file and place the same file into SAP application server using ALE/EDI Inbound interface?

Can you please guide me with solution to achive this?


Shiva N.

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It looks like a basic question. Why can't you ask the "middle ware" system to make the file available to the SAP system? Shared network directory, copy the file to the SAP file system, etc. Which middle ware system is it? Isn't it a question for the middleware, more than an ABAP question?


Hi Rossi,

Thanks for you reply.

Actually there are facing some issues with Biztalk middleware to place the file from external system to SAP. They are looking into it. But i am just looking for any other solution. Thinking of ALE inbound interface. Can it possible through ALE ? If yes can you let me know steps to do it.


Well, I guess and I hope that there's no IDoc message for transferring files!


Thanks Rosi. Just one more clarification. If we can create a custom message type, process code and new inbound FM and create file port and partner profiles...! Will that be workout. I wondered this is also not suitable as because the custom function module will accept only Idoc format file. but this is EDI file in non-SAP. So i guess this approach also not works. Please correct me if i am wrong.


Technically speaking, it's feasible to transfer any content as a whole, as long as there are less than 1 million segments (max). A segment can hold up to 960 characters if I remember well. If you transfer a file as binary data, ou may transfer it in base 64 for instance. But it means that the third party or Biztalk need a program too, to generate such IDoc.

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Jelena Perfiljeva
May 22, 2017 at 06:13 PM

I'm sorry but based on the comments above I suspect that getting involved in "workaround" could do more harm than good due to lack of knowledge. Why would you need a custom message and how could this possibly help with the file transmission? Doesn't make any sense, unless you're not telling us something.

Just let "them" figure out the middleware issue. Also in true EDI interfaces there is more involved than just "file". Normally, you'd also need a translator of sorts to translate the EDI standard message into the SAP IDoc format. And the translators can use RFC to create the IDocs directly instead of moving the files around.

I hope at least "they" know what they are doing, so just let "them" do their job. While your intentions may be admirable, this just does not seem to be the right occasion to jump in, sorry.

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Thanks for your suggestion.

My people are looking into the connection issue. Just for my clarification, Can we have a process to get direct EDI standard file from non-sap to SAP (SAP App server) using ALE/IDOC method ? If yes, please let me know. Otherwise I will be understood that this threat can be closed.


Extend to my above question , we have already have file port and SM59 connection established.Thing is we don't want to convert EDI file to IDOC as inbound. We just need same EDI file to be placed to SAP Application server using existing ALE/EDI connection. Please let me know if this is possible?

I need it in urgent basis. it would be great if any one can provide suitable suggestions.


Siva, seriously, I don't mean no disrespect but you just really don't seem to have the fundamental knowledge needed to understand this. There is no "ALE/IDOC method". Actually ALE and EDI are two different things to begin with. Sorry but you seem to be confused on so many levels that I don't even know where to start.

You can move the files using the file transfer protocols, which have nothing to do with EDI, ALE, or IDocs.

If you're expecting to work with such interfaces going forward I believe you can benefit greatly from reading my book or any other literature on the subject. Or at least search for some SCN blogs.

Siva G May 23, 2017 at 09:50 AM

can you please any one clarify on my comment?

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