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Feb 21, 2007 at 10:24 PM

Question: iframe and html mime object



I am having a very wierd issue.

In our wda application, we have a view called TC_VIEW. The TC_VIEW has a iframe that is supposed to display a html file from the mimes repository.

At runtime, I build the url to the mimes html page and then I set it in a context attribute which is bound to the iframes source property.

When the application loads, the user clicks on a button and reaches the TC_VIEW. The reason I mentioned this is because at this point the users is logged in and can move around in the application. When the TC_VIEW loads in the browser the iframe is asking for a login to be able to view the html file in the mimes repository.

I was thinking that because the user has already logged in, the iframe should not ask for another login.

Has anybody faced this problem, any solutions?