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May 20, 2017 at 01:09 PM

SAPUI5 application, problem updating the sapMWizardStep while implementing the wizard control:



I am trying to implement the sap.m.wizard control. When I move from one step to the next I want to hide the previous step and only display the current step. I can do this however the wrong sapMWizardStep is being displayed next to the title.

For this example i am using the Wizard standard use case available on EXPLORED on

To hide the previous step i added this code to the wizardstep event handler 'activate'

This partially works as the title text is correct however the sapMWizardStep is set to 1. when it should be 2.

additionalInfoValidation : function (oEvent) {
// hide the previous step
           var hideStep1 = this.getView().byId("ProductTypeStep");

// get the newly selected step          
           var oWizardStep = oEvent.getSource();
           this._wizard.goToStep(oWizardStep, false);

I have tried the method wizard.nextStep() and many other things but nothing seems to work.

In the screen shot it is display 1. Product Information ( should be 2. Product Information)


Looking the elements tab of the chrome debugger I can see that it is related to

<h3 class= "sapMWizardStepTitle" id="__xmlview0--ProductInfoStep-Title">

::before == $0

"Product Information"



Any ideas on how to solve this would be appreciated??