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copy control error(Item category not defined) in between intercompany and credit memo

May 20, 2017 at 08:29 AM


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Former Member

I have maintained copy controls configuration in between inter company invoice(ZCHV) to Debit memo(ZXDR)...And Also I configured Source item category ZNLC in copy controls item level.Now I am trying to create the debit memo with reference to ZCHV billing document..System showing the error as "Item category ZNLC is not defined(Inside Error Log)".

I dont think so we need to maintain Item category determination in VOV4 for ZXDR and my item category group Norm but I tried assigning ZNLC to the ZXDR and Norm combination although its not work.

At item level I have maintained Data transfer routines 153,104,and 004 pricing type as G copying requirements as 303 and update document flow as X and everything else blank.

Quick response is highly appreciated.

Kindly let me know the correct solution.

Advance Thanks,


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3 Answers

Phanikumar Valiveti May 20, 2017 at 09:16 AM

I Hope you are doing Billing to billing copy controls in VTFF-am i right?

Have you maintained the required item category in VTFF(item level-I hope you are coping from standard settings of L2 to F2)

Please check your settings again..

Note: all the Z document types will not be standard-pl paste the screen shots for better & quick replies.


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Former Member May 20, 2017 at 11:27 AM

Thank you Phani for your quick response. This is the copy control requirement in between inter company invoice type(ZCHV) to Debit order type(ZXDR) ....I have maintained configurations in VTAF.

These doc types are copy from standard and there is no z functionality or fields..

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Jyoti Prakash
May 22, 2017 at 03:32 AM

I assume the error you are getting while creating your Debit Memo Request is due to the error message number V1 324.

The system throws this error when it is not able to validate/find the relevant Item Category(PSTYV) used in the transaction in table TVAP.
This means sales item category is not defined for your item category used for this debit memo request process. So, make sure:

1. Define the item category(ZNLC) in VOV7.

2. Determine it's schedule line category in VOV4

3. Complete the item category determination(ZXDR - MORM - ZNLC) for sales in VOV5.

4. Make sure have copying control(VTLA) for Orginal Sales Order - Delivery for header and Item (ZNLC), even though your reference doc for invoice creation is PO.

5. Then make check you have copying control(VTFL) maintained for Delivery - Invoice for both header and item(ZNLC)

6. Finally, revalidate your copying control(VTAF) for Invoice and Debit Memo.

PS: If you make any changes to the above configuration. Then make sure you are revalidating your process with new sales cycle from the beginning of the business process.

Still, if you don't find any issue with above configuration. Make you sure sales partners' getting determined in your sales debit memo(ZXDR) correctly.

Hope that helps. In case you still have any concerns, please revert back.


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