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OMSL lenghth changed

Hello Everyone,

My Material No. Length in transaction OMSL was defined 15 initially on DEV, materials, POs and other transactions were created accordingly. But after discussion with the client they strictly said to use 14. So I changed accordingly in OMSL, made necessary changes in MMNR for the material types.

But system is not allowing me to use transaction such as J1ID as already numbers with length 15 is present, which gives error

The material number is longer than the length set

Please suggest what is to be done next, Can't I use number length of 14now.

Thanks in Advance,


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2 Answers

  • May 20, 2017 at 09:15 AM

    in general is the error message self explaining, don't you think so?

    if you have a material with a 15 digit long alphanumeric number and you reduce the length to 14 then you cut it actually off at the right end.

    You instructed SAP to read only the length of 14 and so it can never find your material which has a length of 15, could not do any updates anymore

    It should not be any issue with pure numeric numbers if you have enough leading zeros, as numeric numbers are right aligned and filled with zeros on the left. Only if the number is really bigger than a length of 14 then you cut it off left and SAP can't read this material any longer.

    Unfortunately you have neither said nor shown your complete OMSL settings, as there is as well a flag for Lexicographic which has a huge effect to the logic.

    In general extending the length is okay - but you need to think if you have interfaces that can't work with larger numbers

    And you should avoid reductions

    You further did not say in which release you are, as SAP made it possible to use 40 digit long numbers in newer releases and this caused a flood of bug fixes, so you might want to browse OSS notes based on the key word: OMSL to find notes which are eventually missing in your system

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    • Hello Jurgen,

      Firstly I am on 1610 S4 Hana. I have not set the flag for Lexicographic. One more thing I am using Leading zeros for my configuration. I don't have any problem for Alpha numeric number ranges. My concern was for purely numeric number ranges.

      The problem was with few numbers which were purely 15 digit long all numbers and not with leading zeros. What I am planning is to delete few entries from the table of transactionJ1ID and create a new 14 digit numbers for those materials.



  • May 27, 2017 at 05:07 AM

    Hello Jurgen,

    Thank you for your valuable input.



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