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Inspection plan operation for individual recipe version.

On a single material code I would like to link a specific inspection plan operation analysis to a specific production version. This is to allow 2 different production versions under the same group to each have a different analysis set according to where the item is manufactured.

1 material can be manufactured in 2 different resources and the resulting analysis requirements are specific to that reactor, requiring differing inspections depending on which reactor the sample was taken. ie

IP order : reactor 1------> IP1 --------> inspection sheet 1

reactor 2------> IP2 --------> inspection sheet 2.

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1 Answer

  • May 23, 2017 at 03:55 PM

    You really can't without using some user exits. There are user exits for determing inspection plans and inspection types. (There are LOTS of threads on QM user exits, please search)

    Even though you failed to mention it, I'm assuming you are talking about using 04 inspection lots here.

    You would need to come up with a method for determining the plan. I would probably do it by inspection type and task usage. Activate two inspection types using 04 lot origin. Lets call the inspecion types 04-A and 04-B. When the lot is created, use a user exit to change the inspection type to the appropriate insp. type. If Reactor 1 (you'd have to use the user exit to get the order number and look this up), assign inspection type 04-A. If reactor 2, assign inspection type 04-B. Each inspection type would have a different task usage asisgned and thus would pick different plans accordingly. This might be easy if you only have a few situations like this and don't need to create a bunch of inspection types.

    Another option that can provide total and very granular control on this, you can classify your routing or receipe header using an 018 class type. In classification, have a characteristic named something like "QA_PLAN_04_GRP" with a description of "Inspection Plan group for 04 lots". Have another for " QA_PLAN_04_CTR" with a description of "Inspection Plan grp ctr for 04 lots". In those characteristics, specify the exact inspection plan and counter to be used. Thenwhen the lot is created, use the QM user exits to look up this classification info and assign the group/group counter specified by the classification data of the recipe header.


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