Error Screen 0000 is too large for internal batch input area For One User Only


I am facing the following issue:

I have a custom transaction Z028_2 which performs a batch input session through BDC to transaction FF68. There is one user who executes Z028_2 and the system shows error: "Screen 0000 is too large for internal batch input area" with FF68 detail screen as background. This error appears only for this user. I have tested his user in my PC and Z028_2 works fine, another user has tested Z028_2 with the same user that have the issue and it works fine. So by these tests I have discarded Authorization or program errors.

The problem appears when batch input tries to put more tha 20 lines in FF68. But in my test i have run batch iniputs with more than 100 lines and it works.

What else could be the cause of this error?

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1 Answer

  • May 19, 2017 at 05:54 PM

    It looks like the issue of screen dimension when one runs BDC in dialog (mode "display if error" or "display all screens"). Depending on the screen resolution, there may be less lines available in the table control if it has "resize vertically" activated.

    The solution is to adapt the program. Start FF68 via SHD0 with the option "standard screen size" active, which will display the screen 22 lines * 84 columns. You'll see how many lines are available. Then you modify the program to fill this number of lines for each page, and start the BDC with the standard screen size (CALL TRANSACTION ... USING ... OPTIONS FROM options, with options-defsize = 'X', or parameter CTUPARAMS of function module BDC_INSERT). This way, the number of lines will not depend on the user's screen.

    More information in SAP note 11788 - Batch input, variable step loop or table control.
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