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Calling R/3 workflow monitor from Excel

May 19, 2017 at 02:09 PM


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I need to create an Excel to-do/ task tracking spreadsheet. As part of this, I want them to be able to click a link or run a macro to open the SAP R/3 workflow monitor whether they are already logged in or not. I have virtually no experience in VBA. I already added excel.exe to the SAP GUI configuration and have SAP controls in Excel. Can you help me with a script or suggestions on how to do this?

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I found this script in another reply from the archives and modified it for the workflow transaction. However, when I try to run it I get "Runtime error 70: Permission denied".

Sub WFMonitor()
If Not IsObject(SAPguiApp) Then
Set SAPguiApp = CreateObject("Sapgui.ScriptingCtrl.1")
End If
If Not IsObject(Connection) Then
Set Connection = SAPguiApp.OpenConnection("SYSTEMNAME", True)
End If
If Not IsObject(session) Then
Set session = Connection.Children(0)
End If
session.findById("wnd[0]/usr/txtRSYST-MANDT").Text = "123" session.findById("wnd[0]/usr/txtRSYST-BNAME").Text = "USER" session.findById("wnd[0]/usr/pwdRSYST-BCODE").Text = "PASSWORD" session.findById("wnd[0]/usr/txtRSYST-LANGU").Text = "EN" session.findById("wnd[0]/usr/txtRSYST-LANGU").SetFocus session.findById("wnd[0]/usr/txtRSYST-LANGU").caretPosition = 2 session.findById("wnd[0]").sendVKey 0
. . .
session.findById("wnd[0]/tbar[0]/okcd").Text = "/nzsps_wf_monitor03" session.findById("wnd[0]").sendVKey 0 session.findById("wnd[0]").maximize

MsgBox "If you click on the OK button, the SAP session is terminated."
End Sub

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Mike Pokraka May 23, 2017 at 10:47 PM

Interesting request. It depends a little on your security requirements, but I would go about this completely from the other end - partly due to lack of know-how on VBA-SAP integration :-)

If at least some of the data is not critically sensitive, expose it as a web service or callable as an RFC. More coding in SAP and less in VBA, but at least you would be creating a standard interface that can be reused in different scenarios. In other words, you write the equivalent of a BAPI function that gives you all the monitor data. From Excel/VBA you can query it either via RFC call or by HTTP/S and display it as you like in Excel.

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Thank you, Mike. Since our security permissions are so tight, I believe you are correct and this is the best way to go. I'll probably hand it over to our IT department and have them create it for me. :-)

Pavan Bhamidipati May 22, 2017 at 07:54 AM

Hi Jenny,

Probably the answer to your issue of not able to connect can be found here.

Thanks, Pavan

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Thank you, Pavan. Unfortunately, the script found in the link did not work, either. I am beginning to suspect that our corporate security is preventing me from creating the script I need. I tried to run RZ11 to see if scripting was enable and was denied access to that transaction. I also tried copying the script into Excel as a VBA project and got a Compile error: Syntax error. This is the script that I copied:

PrivateSub CommandButton1_Click()
Dim SapGui AsObject
Dim saplogon AsObject
Dim connection 'As Object
Set SapGui = GetObject("SAPGUI")
Dim Wshshell AsObject
Set Wshshell = CreateObject("Wscript.Shell")
Wshshell.Run Chr(34)&("C:\Program Files\SAPPC\FrontEnd\SAPgui \saplogon.exe")& Chr(34)&" "&"/INI_FILE"&"="& Chr(34)&"\\longpathtoini\appl\Sap\saplogon\int\saplogon.ini"& Chr(34)
DoUntil Wshshell.AppActivate("SAP Logon")
Application.Wait Now + TimeValue("0:00:01")
Set Wshell =Nothing
Set saplogon = SapGui.GetScriptingEngine
connection = SapGui.OpenConnection("SID",True)
Set SapGui =Nothing
Set saplogon =Nothing
Set connection =Nothing
Aditya Varrier May 22, 2017 at 07:51 AM

Hi JK,

on the requirement, what do you mean by 'to open the SAP R/3 workflow monitor' ?

Could you elaborate please.

Aditya V

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Hello Aditya,

I need to create an Excel (VBA) link, script, macro, command - whatever - within the Excel spreadsheet that will automatically open with workflow monitor so the Developer can enter the material code and see the current workflow status. I am not sure anything will work, at this point. Our security may be set too tight.

I tried to run the RZ11 transaction in SAP to see if scripting was enabled, in case I could create this with VBS, but was denied access to the transaction. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


hi JK,

tough for me, sorry cant help you at this point of time. Hope you get tips from our experts.

Aditya V

Jenny Knight May 24, 2017 at 09:35 PM

Many thanks to all of you for your input, instructions and insights!

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