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Feb 20, 2007 at 04:12 PM

Urgent: Unicode conversion - table splitting


Hi all,

I am having a problem when trying to perform the export step of the unicode conversion on ERP2005, MSSQL server 2005. Due to previously very long runtime, I am trying to use the table splitting option. I have performed the "Table Splitting Preparation" step with what seems to be a success.

The problem is when I run the actual database instance export.

First of all:

Which filepath should I provide SAPinst when it is asking for "Table input file"?


How can I actually determine the Package Unload Order? I tried selecting this option, but I was not given the opportunity to change this order in the subsequent screen. (The F1 help in SAPinst sais that I would be able to...)

Have anyone of you experience with this?

Best Regards,