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WEB IDE 2: How can I assign the Project to the right container


after our last Patch (SP01 Patch1 for SAP WEB IDE 2) we do have the problem that the building of our project leads to a new container and we are not able to work with our old project (container)

How can we map our project from the new container to the "old" container?

Is there a XS CLI command?


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  • So, I think I found the right CLI for creating, deleting and rebounding the hdi services, but it doesn't helped me.

    I could delete the new created hdi-container service (inclusive the apps). After that I tried to deploy my project again, but the system was creating the new container again. So I'm not abled to work on my old container (fe08krxdcb8q4360), even though I can see all my old services and apps. Why is the runtime creating a new container, although the project (mta) doesn't have changed? How can we avoid this behavior or manage it? Where is the information stored with which container the WebIDE is connected. Did I miss a step? Really wondering!

    new: name-x66zgfr1xbao18pb-name-hdi-container

    old: name-fe08krxdcb8q4360-name-hdi-container

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1 Answer

  • Posted on May 26, 2017 at 02:07 PM

    I'm not sure, if we made something wrong by the installation of the WebIDE. But really, if not, it may not happen again, that we loose our hdi-container with the new patch and can't use it anymore. We have loaded a lot of "real" data in our dev environment. It has cost us a lot of time to bring the dev env in the right useable condition and now everything is gone, because we aren't able to switch to the old hdi-containers.

    We didn't have had this problem in the past. Hopefully its not a new feature!

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