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How to eliminate Calendar days SPLIT?

May 19, 2017 at 05:08 AM


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Dear Experts,

I have a master data change for an employee and when payroll runs due to wpbp split there is WT two times getting calculated, how to eliminate the split for a particular WT, its nothing but LOP days. snapshot attached.


Vignesh D

znp3-096-lop.jpg (74.7 kB)
lop.jpg (67.8 kB)
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1 Answer

Rémi Corriveau May 19, 2017 at 04:43 PM

Payroll Splits can be eliminated through Operation ELIMI, and can be reset (in the same pcr) through Operation RESET. Please look at the documentation on these Operations since you can eliminate/reset all splits or only selected ones.

You must be careful before elimininating a payroll split since it can be useful, and eliminating all splits on a WT could result in it's Rates, Numbers and Amounts being totaled.

Sometimes, when processing a WT that can have more than one split, you can start the processing with a Query on a temporary variable (such as RTE=& 9xxx followed by RTE?0). If the temporary variable does not exist, you process the WT as required and finish by creating the temporary variable (through ADDWT&9xxx), and if the temporary variable does exist, do an alternative processing whereby the WT will not be calculated twice. Note that Operation RTE was used in this example because WT /096 only holds a Rate, but you could use Operations NUM or AMT if either of these exist.

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Dear Remi,

Thanks for your valuable suggestion, as you said i have made some changes, pls. find the below. still i am facing the same issue. same LOP days is getting generated. Pls. advice any other changes to be done?

ELIMI * Elim.time period ID

RESET RA Set time period ID


RTE-S 9300 Subtraction

RTE-S 9303 Subtraction

RTE-S 9304 Subtraction

RTE-S 9305 Subtraction

RTE-S 9307 Subtraction

RTE-S 9308 Subtraction

RTE-S 9309 Subtraction

ADDWTI/096 IT Input table


Vignesh D


I have never worked with table SCRT (the one you use with Operation RTE-S xxxx), but what were the values of WTs 9300 to 9309 in that table?

In your initial screen captures, pcr ZNP3 seems to process only WTs /804 to /815, while the RT highlights WT /096. Please post a screen capture of the Input Table to pcr ZNP3.