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Feb 19, 2007 at 11:16 PM

How to extend a configurable material for a plant using BAPI_MATERIAL_SAVE_


Hi all,

I want to extend a material to a plant using BAPI BAPI_MATERIAL_SAVEDATA. I am able to achieve this for normal material but i am not able to do for Configurable material. In the MRP3 View there is a block titled "Plant-Specific configuration" in that i have to populate a material for field Configurable Material( MARC-STDPD ) and next to that will be two push buttons 1) Configure Variant and another is Configure Planning Variant, IN this i have to select Configure Variant button and i will get the set of characteristics of the configurable material where i have to enter values. The reason why i am not doing manually is there are lots of configurable materials which has to be extended to lots of plant.

In the Plantdata structure of the Save bapi i am not able to find any field to pass this value but if i extend manually and execute BAPI BAPI_MATERIAL_GET_ALL by passing the material number and the plant which i have extended, i am getting the value of the reference Configurable material in field "PS_CONF_MAT" of the plant data.

Could anybody tell me how to populate this field.

Thanks & regards,

Rajanidhi Rajasekeran