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Need to know the basic difference between 3E and SERC updates

May 18, 2017 at 07:23 PM


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Hi floks!

Please do let me know the basic difference between 3E and SERC updating process.


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2 Answers

Jayakumar Indracanti Jun 08, 2017 at 06:12 AM


The 3E and SERC both are PSS packages relevant for MSDS Authoring.

The ADM package contains Physical, chemical, Toxicological content i.e., Listed Substances, Regulatory Transportation data i.e., UN Listed substances, Phrases, GHS / transport classification Rules and Templates

Whereas SERC contains package consisting of Expert Rules, WWI Templates, Regulatory Content for PS and DG, Property Tree updates information

Now coming to update process

For Ariel Regulatory content update you need to use ADM browser to load the data into the system whereas for SERC you require SAP EH&S OCC to load the content.

For Transport classification or other Regulatory lists related configuration you use custom programs to upload the content to configuration tables in case of ADM, where as for SERC it is via transports

Property tree updates from SAP is via Transports and post processing manual activities

The import of phrases, WWI Templates and Expert Rule configuration follow the same standard process of import / export options in Tools and there is no difference in the update process.

Thanks and Regards


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Dear Jayakumar,

The update of the SERC regulatory data is NOT done via transport. For SERC it is an Windows Installation file that you need to run that updates the regulatory data (for PS[CAS-No.] and DG[UN-No.]) on the file server.

Kind regards



Hello Mark,

I was referring to regulatory list like "Sources of regulatory data" which is a configuration item like TSCA list. Regulatory content is an XML data which is loaded to specification database using EHS OCC.

Thanks and Regards


Christoph Bergemann Jun 08, 2017 at 07:17 PM


you need to pay attentionon "definition". SERC contains "more" than content (e.g. rulesets, wwi layout etc.)

But as Jayakumar explained: for "legal data": there is no difference between 3E and SAP approach (only the tools are different)


PS: check the many threads discussing SERC topic; 3E is discussed very rarely

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