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Feb 19, 2007 at 10:57 AM

Problem with slow Unicode export


Hi all,

I have a major problem with a slow unicode export on MSSQL 2005 and ERP2005.

The export runs for about 54 hours, which is too long for our requirement. It is the export of our SOFFCONT1 table that is the cause for most of this time, about 45 hours.

We have tried running a report that delete contents of this table, and have so far deleted about 5%. This did not give us much performance gain during the export. The totalt size of the export files are 133 GB after the second test run, while it was 141 GB after the first run (before deleting from SOFFCONT1). Runtime still remains the same.

Please advise on how we can improve the export of this table.

Best Regards,

Thomas Kjelsrud