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SAP BW 7.3(Not HANA) DSO - Adding missing records

May 18, 2017 at 04:07 PM


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I have created a DSO that reads a SQL server's transnational data. This data in by month. I wrote some ABAP that looks at the data and if a month was missed then it adds the record. However I'm getting "Duplicate data record detected". I have bold and italic what i think the issues are but I do not know how to fix. Thanks for your help.

Duplicate data record detected (DS ZKPI_O15, data package: 000001, data record: 145)

Message no. RSODSO_UPDATE019


During loading, there was a key violation. You tried to save more than one data record with the same semantic key.

The problematic (newly loaded) data record has the following properties:

  • DataStore object: ZKPI_O15
  • Request: 1139153
  • Data package: 000001
  • Data record number: 145


Error while writing error stack

Message no. RSODSO_UPDATE029


An error occurred while data records were being updated to a DataStore object. The incorrect data records should have been written to the DTP error stack. This was not possible.

Possible reasons for this are:

  • The maximum number of data records to be logged was exceeded. Check the setting in the DTP (tab page "Update").
  • The data records to be logged were inconsisistent.
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FYI - The SIDs are all the same.

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1 Answer

Mario Tibollo May 19, 2017 at 06:12 AM

does it work without the code? if yes, the issue is the code. but you need to post the code in order to get help.

if it doesn't work even without the code, the issue is to be found in the file.


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