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HANA Vora Tools Connection Error

I successfully installed Vora 1.4 on a HDP 2.5.3 Cluster.

I can start all services, however I fond the following errors:

  1. The Thrift Server always start on Port 10001, ignoring the value in "Network port for binding" in the service config tab on Vora Manager.
  2. Vora Manager check the service on the given port in "Network port for binding", so if I leave 19123 it says "critical" even if the Thrift server is correctly running on port 10001. In the end I had to enter 10001 in "Network port for binding"
  3. Vora Tools connect to the thrift server always on port 10000. There is no way to modify this in Vora Manager. I had to enter 10001 in /opt/vora/lib/vora-tools/bin/service/datatools/meta.json
  4. At the moment the connection from Vora Tools to the Thrift Server doesn't work. The error message is "write tcp> write: broken pipe"

The Cluster is kerberized and all kerberos information has been entered in the apposite fields in Vora Manager, all services seem to run correctly in Vora Manager (everything green)

Does anybody have an explanation for this behaviour?

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  • Hi Nicola,

    Could you please provide the following information? You can also open a customer message in component HAN-VO with that information.

    1) In Vora Manager -> Vora Thriftserver -> Download Service Configuration (little down-arrow on right side) -> please post/send the content of that json file.

    2) On command line on host where Thriftserver is running -> please send/post output of below commands

    # ps -efa | grep -i thrift
    # curl --silent http://localhost:8500/v1/catalog/service/vora-thriftserver | python -m json.tool 


    Frank Legler

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2 Answers

  • May 23, 2017 at 03:43 PM

    Hi Nicola,

    It looks like the Thriftserver is not picking up the settings from the Vora Manager configuration and so reverts to the default setting, which is to use port 10001. My guess is that there is some sort of permissions issue occurring that is preventing the Thriftserver from reading the setting (or preventing the Vora Manager from changing the settings). I have asked some colleagues for ideas/advice on where to look and will post back when I have more information.


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    • Former Member

      Hi Jason,

      I setup a sandbox with HDP- and I installed Vora

      Now Vora Tools says:

      "Client Version: 1.4.17

      Vora: not configured"

      You can se below the content of /var/log/vora/vora-tools/vora-tools.log.

      In detail this line suggests that some configuration is missing, but everything seems to be configured:

      FATAL|Vora Tools Configuration|Vora Tools|vora-tools|0|appserver.New|appserver.go(79)



      2017-06-27 09:10:33.024268|+0000|INFO |allServiceAction called Create|Vora Tools|vora-tools|0|appserver.(*appserver).allServiceAction|service_ops.go(117)
      2017-06-27 09:10:33.024318|+0000|FATAL|Vora Tools Configuration|Vora Tools|vora-tools|0|appserver.New|appserver.go(79)
      2017-06-27 09:10:33.024344|+0000|DEBUG|Created following services: [{webserver authweb Created Created} {datatools datatools Created Created}]|Vora Tools|vora-tools|0|appserver.New|appserver.go(80)
      2017-06-27 09:10:33.024351|+0000|INFO |AppServer Vora Tools created|Vora Tools|vora-tools|0|appserver.New|appserver.go(81)
      2017-06-27 09:10:33.024356|+0000|INFO |allServiceAction called Start|Vora Tools|vora-tools|0|appserver.(*appserver).allServiceAction|service_ops.go(117)
      2017-06-27 09:10:33.024525|+0000|INFO |Webserver listening on|authweb|vora-tools|0|webserver.(*webServer).Start|webserver.go(122)
      2017-06-27 09:10:33.024571|+0000|INFO |Initialized auth with userstore /etc/vora/datatools/htpasswd|authweb|vora-tools|0|webserver.(*webServer).Start|webserver.go(138)
      2017-06-27 09:10:33.024703|+0000|INFO |Consul client is created with address localhost:8500|datatools|vora-tools|0|datatools.(*dataTools).makeConsulClient|datatools.go(262)
      2017-06-27 09:10:33.024736|+0000|INFO |service started|datatools|vora-tools|0|datatools.(*dataTools).registerHandler|datatools.go(143)
      2017-06-27 09:10:33.024760|+0000|INFO |web started|datatools|vora-tools|0|datatools.(*dataTools).registerHandler|datatools.go(173)
      2017-06-27 09:10:33.024773|+0000|INFO |AppServer Vora Tools started|Vora Tools|vora-tools|0|appserver.(*appserver).Start|appserver.go(98)
      2017-06-27 09:10:33.024785|+0000|INFO |New logger is created with the topic 'status-publisher'|status-publisher|vora-tools|0|status.New.func1|status.go(30)
      2017-06-27 09:10:33.024796|+0000|INFO |Starting new HTTPStatusPublisher at port :29084|status-publisher|vora-tools|0|status.(*HTTPStatusPublisher).Start|httpstatus.go(36)
      2017-06-27 09:10:33.024814|+0000|DEBUG|Update status is called for 200 and summary: Started successfully|status-publisher|vora-tools|0|status.Update|status.go(70)
      2017-06-27 09:10:33.024821|+0000|DEBUG|Update status is called with code 200 and summary Started successfully|status-publisher|vora-tools|0|status.(*HTTPStatusPublisher).Update|httpstatus.go(83)
      Vora Tools started!
      2017-06-27 09:11:00.106056|+0000|DEBUG|Error getting token: no such token|authweb|vora-tools|0|webserver.(*BasicAuth).verifyToken|auth.go(155)
  • Jun 27, 2017 at 10:58 PM

    Hi Nicola, it sounds to me like there is something blocking the port 19123, perhaps an orphaned Vora Thriftserver service?

    On the command line, please try running the following command to see if something is listening on that port:

    netstat -tulpn | grep 19123

    Then you can reverse look up that PID with below command to find out which process is blockign this port:

    ps -aux | grep 19123
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