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Feb 18, 2007 at 07:15 AM

Extraction ignores selection criteria


I am extracting data from Infotypes in R/3. I only want the current record, i.e., the one whose ENDDA equals infinity, i.e., 12/31/9999. So given thousands of employee records, I only want to extract one per employee.

In the Selection tab of the infoPackage, I enter a range that covers around 100 employees, for test purposes; and in the field entitled ENDDA, I enter 12/31/9999.

When I specify these selection criteria in RSA3 as a test in the source system, I get exactly what I specified, my 100 or so records, each one with ENDDA = 12/31/9999.

But when I run the extraction in BW, it pulls in almost 900 records, with every record for each employee.

What can I do to exclude the non-infinity records??

And why are these records pulled when selection criteria does not specify them?