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Hybris Marketing Products and Product Categories not shown

May 18, 2017 at 12:23 PM


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Hi All,

I'm using Hybris Marketing on-premise.

I already uploaded some interaction contacts, interactions, product categories and products into Hybris Marketing using csv-import.

Using transaction SE16 I also checked, if the products & categories were in the HANA tables (CUAND_PROD_CATEG & CUAND_PROD_DESC). They are.

But I can't see them in the Segmentation. With the imported interactions it is working without any problems.

In the "Manage Interests" application I can see the product categories.

Has anyone maybe had that problem or has an idea what to do?

Thanks in advance!


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Komur Akil May 19, 2017 at 12:50 AM

Dear Tobias,

Your interactions should be in table CUAND_CE_IA_RT, if you correctly added interactions containing products, these should then be available in table CUAND_CE_IA_PROD. Are you sure you have entries in this table?

The products that you can select in Segmentation are usually linked to the Interactions. Without any interactions there won't be any products that you can select in Segmentation.

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Dear Komur,

okay, then I think I made a mistake.

I have the entries for the interactions in CUAND_CE_IA_RT but no entries in the CUAND_CE_IA_PROD.

Thanks for your help.


Dear Komur,

am I right, that there is no possibility to import products via interaction upload using CSV?


Dear Tobias,

Yes, you are right. You will either need to use OData to upload the interactions, or create an ABAP report in combination with a FM CUAN_CE_INTERACTIONS_POST. This FM can has a structure containing a table for the products.



You can use the existing report in SE38: CUAN_CREATE_INTERACTION

It allows you to create interactions including products and interests.




Dear Joyca,

That will depend on the version of Hybris Marketing you are running.In my case (1605 on-prem) this transaction does not exist.



I don't know when this report was added to the system.

However it is used in this video: and this video dates from March 2016 so I'm surprised that it doesn't exist in 1605.


I have problem loading interactions with products. I can see the interactions in CUAND_CE_IA_RT but not the related interaction products in CUAND_CE_IA_PROD.

I'm actually not sure how to track the products via SE16. Are the 2 tables above joined via DB key (CUAND_CE_IA_RT) and parent key (CUAND_CE_IA_PROD)?


Dear Thierry

these tables are linked as following:


After which the product from this table can be lead back to the product master as following:



Hello Thierry!

Did you succeed with that problem?

We have just imported interaction products but we cannot see them in segmentation with the All contacts segmentation profile.
The problem is that we cannot see Product Name either Product Description. We go to the table CUAND_PROD_ROOT and there is no Name and no Description.
Name and descipription are stored in CUAND_PROD_DESC

Thanks in advance!