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variable already been declared error in TOP Include

May 18, 2017 at 11:53 AM


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hello all,

i am developing a project in CMOD for SRVEUSCR( User screen on entry sheet tabstrip)

however when i declared some variables in ZXMLUTOP

getting error as CI_ESSRDB already has been declared.

no where i have declared these variables other than top include.

then why i am getting this error, please suggest a solution.

thanks in advance...

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4 Answers

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Rajkumar Narasimman May 18, 2017 at 12:25 PM

Hi Vinay,

The include ZXMLUTOP is one of the include program in XMLU function group, XMLU contains more number of includes.

Kindly search the variable CI_ESSRDB globally as shown below.


Rajkumar Narasimman

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Sandra Rossi May 19, 2017 at 06:37 AM

When you have an error "data object already declared" but you find only one declaration (with search option "in main program" to look everywhere), then the culprit is often the statement INCLUDE of the same include program occurring twice in the code.

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Raymond Giuseppi
May 18, 2017 at 12:26 PM

Seems there was a problem that 'disturbed' the exit function group, could you try (SE80) to reactivate the whole function group (XMLU) Have you included the ZXMLUTOP twice in the FG?

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Hi raymond,

thanks for your reply,

as you said i have checked FG = XMLU, i found that some one has declared ZXMLUTOP in LXMLUTOP,

i think might be causing the error,

please see the screen attached,

i am unable to delete ZXMLUTOP from LXMLUTOP, its saying changes to LXMLUTOP are forbidden by sap..

error3.jpg (194.9 kB)

SAP did it and it's okay. From SE80 click on header (function group) and select activate in context menu. Also feel free to look at includes like ZXMLU[I,O]01 for definitions lost/hidden in the code of some modules.


Hi raymond,

i have activated the function group XMLU,

i have also checked includes ZXMLUO01, ZXMLUI01,

they did not contained any variables that were declared in ZXMLUTOP..

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Former Member May 18, 2017 at 12:07 PM


if you open CMOD with your exit SRVEUSCR you can find in the component list a section for includes.

There is CI_ESSRDB defined. Because of that I think it is decleared already and your tables declaration is not neccessary anymore.

Nevertheless I dont understand why do you declar CI_ESSRDB with tables?

CI_ESSRDB is not a DB table.

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Hi patrick,

i have commented entire tables line, still i am getting same error for other variables,

error2.jpg (140.9 kB)

Rajkumar already explained how to search for the variables. Is there any problem with repeating the process with another variable? Or simply using a different name?


If every variable of ZXMLUTOP is declared twice, then it's obvious that ZXMLUTOP has been included twice. So, search all places where there is an INCLUDE zxmlutop, you should find 2 places, one which is done by SAP and one which you added. Remove the one which you added.


TABLES statement is often required for interface between dynpro and program (and logical database, other usage are obsolete)