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May 18, 2017 at 11:25 AM

MTO with Sales Order and WBS


Hi Friends,

We have a scenario with Sales Order and WBS as below. Reason for using WBS is to club the requirement for all line items.

1, Sales order is created with multiple line items. 2, Create WBS with same number and assign to SO. 3, MRP run for the material. 4, Planned orders are created. 5, purchase and production done with reference to WBS. 6, Prd Orders settled to material 7, Result Analysis done for WBS and settled to COPA.


When WBS settlement Rule - to be filled manually.

COPA line item is created for only one material ( SO item)


Settlement to COPA should be for each SO item, to get product wise / customer wise profitability.

Kindly provide your suggestions to do this

Thanks in advance,