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Customer Billing but keeping inventory to deliver to their customers

I have a business process which we need to map in SAP. Requirement is to keep the customer order on our company's premise after Post Goods Issue and Invoicing. The details are as follows:

We receive customer order, we book the stock out of our company's premises ( PGI), we also Invoice the order and customer pays for it. However customer wants us to keep their order stock till the time they ask us to deliver.

I am getting no process in Standard SAP to map this requirement. I have seen one guy looking for same scenario in SCN, but it was not completely answered. If any body has implemented similar scenario, help will be really helpful.

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2 Answers

  • May 18, 2017 at 12:36 PM
    I am getting no process in Standard SAP to map this requirement.

    Logically, your expectation is incorrect and hence, you could not get any similar discussions. Once you buy a product from a shop, will you ask the shopkeeper to keep at their custody for some more days / months ?

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    • This is not as ludicrous as it looks, this is a common practice in construction business - you buy all concrete for a building (it is cheaper that way), you ask the vendor to keep the stock at his premises and request delivery of partial quantities, when you need them. Storing the products after you have paid for them and optional deliveries of partial quantities is a separate service, which is covered by an additional agreement.

  • May 18, 2017 at 12:52 PM

    with a goods issue is the stock out of your system, that's why it is called "goods issue"

    if you still keep it in your warehouse , then you have to find a workaround, this can be as simple as putting a barrier tape around the goods so that everyone knows that they are not owned by you, that nothing must be taken from there and that this is not to counted in a physical inventory.

    You always have to think about liability in case of destruction or theft. But that is actually not a SAP problem.

    If you want manage goods that are owned by someone else in your SAP system, then this is a totally different process. You may need to create an extra material type without valuation, you then create a new material master, you receive the goods with a 501 movement and issue it with a 502 movement. (which would be an easy workaround, but you can even make it more complex)

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    • you can use those movement types at any time you want it in your design. It is your design, I just told how a design could be. From my point of view it does not make any sense to wait for more than 1 second to create this 501 movement after you have pressed goods issue. There is no logic in waiting for longer, the goods have never left physically your warehouse, but you posted goods issue, so they are removed from SAP. If you want see those stocks in SAP then tell me the reason why you would wait to bring them back in after the goods issue?

      Of course you can wait or not at all maintain those stocks, but if you decide to go into a certain direction then you should be disciplined.