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Feb 16, 2007 at 10:22 PM

Reconciling CRM vs R/3 Sales Offices/Groups in BW



We have both an R/3 system and a CRM system, but they're not connected to each other. For example, when a sales opportunity is realized in CRM, someone has to go into R/3 and create the actual sales order manually. (Please don't ask. It's a long story.)

I'm being asked to produce a report on sales revenue over time off of a finance cube (an elaborated version of 0FIGL_C01 that contains billing document numbers). This report will have two primary sets of users: i) Finance users who are most interested in seeing the data organized by profit center (no problem, as we're capturing profit center in our finance cube), and ii) CRM users who are most interested in seeing the data organized by sales office and sales group.

Our finance cube does not contain sales office or sales group. I could obtain the R/3 versions of these objects by creating a multiprovider with another cube containing sales document billing data. However, the R/3 sales office/group objects don't appear to correspond at all to the CRM objects. The CRM users expect and understand the 0CRM_SALOFF and 0CRM_SALGRP infoobjects (both 8 position numeric character strings) from the CRM org structure, not the 0SALES_OFF and 0SALES_GRP infoobjects that exist in R/3 (4 and 3 position character fields, respectively). Furthermore, because our CRM and R/3 systems don't speak to one another, I can't see any way I can relate the sales office/group appearing on the sales order billing documents with, for instance, the sales office/group appearing on the CRM opportunity document that generated the sale.

I know there's alot of documentation out there on the relationships between R/3 and CRM org structures, but it's all based on the reasonable assumption that R/3 and CRM are interconnected. Is it technically possible to associate the R/3 sales group/office with the CRM sales group/office when the two systems are not connected?

Thanks for reading.


P.S. If anyone can refer me to a good introductory primer on R/3 - CRM org structure interrelationships, it would be much appreciated.