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Can`t add ADSO to composite provider BW7.5

May 18, 2017 at 10:19 AM


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Hello , I found that if ADSO doesn't have Write change log tick than it cant be added to Composite provider.

I found only info about SID generation but in ADSO SID customize personally to each characteristic - so it is not the cause

Is anyone have real SAP info about case when we can`t add ADSO in CP?

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3 Answers

Felipe Lamounier Oct 04, 2017 at 01:13 PM


I have the same doubt. I tried change settings to generate SID and SUM aggregation, but continues the message:

DataStore cannot be added as part-provider to a composite provider.

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Katharina Ploderer Feb 20 at 11:52 AM


I recently had the same problem. So I ticked the option "Write Change Log", then I created the Composite Provider above ADSO.
After everything could be activated I deactived the option "Write Change Log" ind ADSO, and again activated all objects.

This was working.

But can anyone explain, how I can achieve this without a workaround?

Thanks and regards,

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Nagesh B Feb 28 at 07:36 AM


We can add ADSO to Composite provider without Write change log tick, as a corporate memory.

Yes, you guys are right, I think you guys tried with an ADSO as a Write Optimized DSO it seems, that’s why you guys are not able to add it.

But, it is possible to add an ADSO to composite provider which is not having Write Change log, if you are selected corporate memory with reporting capabilities. (please find the below screen shot)

Here corporate memory means write optimized DSO as an ADSO

From BW 7.5 We have various corporate memory options, each one is having their own meaning,

If you see the below screen shot there are 3 various option, you can find for corporate memory.

1.Data acquisition layer – ADSO as a write optimized DSO, the one which you guys are may trying to add, this is not possible. Data will be in the Inbound table/new table, no need of activation. (we cannot add to CP)

2.Corporate Memory with compression capabilities - Data will be in the active table, here activation step is required, then the data will be moved from new/Inbound table to active data table. No longer data available in inbound table.(we cannot add to CP)

3.Corporate memory – Reporting capabilities – Data Will be in Inbound table as well as active table. for reporting, data will be read from Inbound table itself. here activation step is required but after the activation also, data will be available in both new/Inbound table and active data table as well. (We can add to CP)

Note: From BW 7.5 onward we can do the reporting on top of Write optimized ADSO itself, that is possible from the above option Corporate memory - reporting capabilities.

Note: We can add old classic write optimized DSO to composite provider but not ADSO as a write optimized DSO.

Thanks and Regards,

Nagesh B

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