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Feb 16, 2007 at 04:57 PM

About calculations in front end or backend



Imagine in one cube, we have data stored this way

Company Code | Cost center | Org Unit | Year Month | Amount |

(other time characteristics like fiscal year, period etc are mapped)

In the second cube, we have a key figure which depicts a %

Cost center | Year Month | % Markup

(other time characteristics like fiscal year, period etc are mapped)

I bring both to a multiprovider with common charactersitcs

Cost Center | Year Month | Amount | % Markup

If I want to do a local CKF saying Amount * % Markup, it should work fine if I have reporting at the year month level.

Suppose, I want to report on fiscal year. My amounts would be aggregated to the fiscal year level. So would the % which then doesnt make any sense and the calculation neither.

In such cases, my first thought would be to do this calculation at the backend so that we apply the markups correctly to each record. And aggregating this calculated amount to any level in the report, would show the right nos.

Need your thoughts on this. Am I missing something that can make this scenario workable on the frontend without messing up the numbers?

Thanks in advance for your inputs.