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issue with some features on SAP BI Platform Support Tool

May 18, 2017 at 07:21 AM


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Hi ,

i just deployed SAP BI Platform Support Tool and while testing the features , i came across some anomalies.

just as example i started the tool >>Landscape Tools >> Universe Analyser ( 8 universes ) and Connections Analyser ( 42 connections )

Both start and then keep looping with blocking for more than a night ( i left them running during teh night ) and when i checked in the morning they were still in the same state .

checked the task manager and they were still responding .

anyone had an idea on what's going on and how i can help ?



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1 Answer

Toby Johnston
May 23, 2017 at 06:50 PM

Hi Chokri,

Thanks for reporting an issue. Connections Analyzer should timeout after the specified timeout (set on the splash screen). Universe Analyzer can take a while but should definitely complete (in the coming new version 2.1 you can select a single Universe to analyze instead of analyzing all in one go).

If you could reproduce the issue and then collect the logs from BISupportTool/bin/logs that would be helpful.

Otherwise, one thing unique about these two features is that the client has to connect to the Connection Server. Is there a firewall between the client and the Connection server? (I would expect an error creating session with Connection Server but worth checking) Or maybe you have a very slow connection between the BIPST client and the server?

Please let us know what you discover.


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