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sap pi fields mapping check

May 18, 2017 at 05:32 AM


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dear expert
i'm new in pi system, i wanna check reletionship between ecc fields and external-system fields; how can we do it, pls give me some advice; thx in advance.

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2 Answers

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Former Member May 18, 2017 at 07:48 AM

The relationship between the "fields in ECC" (i.e. IDoc, BAPI, proxy fields) and "external system fields" is generally defined in the PI mapping logic. Open the Operation Mapping object belonging to your scenario in the PI Enterprise Service Repository and look at the individual mapping steps defined in this object. Further transformations could be applied in the adapters, so to be safe you'll also need to look at the communication channels of your scenario in the Integration Builder to confirm if any adapter modules are configured there.

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hey thx a lot for your replied. as we metioned, i'm new on pi system, can you tell us specifically. eg. transaction code etc. thx again.


when i enter transaction code: sproxy, as your mentioned above: 'PI Enterprise Service Repository', then i don't know how can i do in next step.

Former Member

To get to the website from which you can start the Enterprise Services Repository and Integration Builder, you can launch transaction sxmb_ifr if your PI system is a dual-stack installation. Otherwise, ask your system admin for the URL. Normally it will follow the pattern


I would recommend that you run through a basic PI training first. A question on SCN is not really the perfect way to learn the very basics. If your colleagues won't teach you and your company won't pay for an official training, I have seen quite a few free resources and even more cheap resources out there. I cannot vouch for their quality but to learn basic navigation, object types and message flow, I'm pretty confident that they'll work.


thx for your recommendation, as yet there are no proficiency pi consultant in our term. for some reson, i should check mapping reletions by myself. thx again, and i'll check it as your suggestions.

Hari Joshyam May 23, 2017 at 09:04 AM


Since you are new, try to start from Integration Direcotory.

1) Open any Integration Configuration Object Try to see what is source and corresponding Interface / Namespace. You will find the respective Destination details as well in the ICO. Here you will find the Operation Mapping / Interface / Namespace that is used for receiver.

Based on the Operation Mapping : Come to ESR and follow the steps as provided by Patrick in drilling into Message mapping and finding the source fields and target fields and respective mappings.


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