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No Tax Determination in PO based on Plant Region and GST Vendor Classification

Dear All,

As per the notes in regard to GST, we have maintained the TAX determination while creating a purchasing order. All steps have been carried out. But the access on table 792 , 790 and 791 fails to yield results. Access to 996 is successful. The reason is for the failure to fetch the details of Plant Region and GST vendor Classification.

The Access Sequence has been set up as shown below

The Vendor Country and Region maintenance

The Plant Region is maintained

Tax Indicator for material is maintained

HSN (Control Code) for material is maintained

GST vendor classification maintenance

Access Sequence Attached to condition type

Condition Type inserted into pricing procedure

But while creating a PO with all these settings in place, the TAX condition is not derived.

Analysis shows that the Plant region and GST Ven Classification was not found



as.jpg (21.6 kB)
as.jpg (21.6 kB)
as1.jpg (32.3 kB)
as3.jpg (36.2 kB)
as4.jpg (8.6 kB)
as5.jpg (8.8 kB)
as6.jpg (15.3 kB)
as7.jpg (21.1 kB)
as8.jpg (58.7 kB)
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  • Please always make sure that you search before asking as this questions has been answered already many many times in the community.

  • Dear Jurgen,

    Sorry that I overlooked. But to the VEN_CLASS assignment I have searched a lot but found no answer as such to help me derive the TAX values in a PO. This is the reason I posted this question.



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2 Answers

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    Former Member
    May 18, 2017 at 07:46 AM

    Dear Govind

    For Plant region(WKREG) it should be assigned from KOMP (Document structure) not from any other structure.

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  • May 18, 2017 at 09:20 AM

    Dear Simin,

    Thank you. It worked. I assigned WKREG field (Region of Plant) to KOMP document structure. This way the purchase order was able to derive the region for the plant. But the issue with VEN_CLASS still exists. Any suggestions ?


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