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SAP C4C Enhance Account Search

May 18, 2017 at 04:09 AM


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As you see,I want to enhance Account Search and find & use a Enhancement Option,but when I searched account in SAP Cloud UI for testing, no breakpoint is entered.

So,do I choose a error Enhancement Option or anything I should do in advance?

Looking forward to your reply...

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1 Answer

Jayant Saini May 18, 2017 at 09:49 AM

Hi Baoxiang,

Have you wrote any ABSL code inside the enhancement option and assigned a breakpoint to it?



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Hi Jayant,

of course,I raise a message which is defined in .enht and get into debug model after setting a breakpoint


Hello Baoxiang,

I am puzzled: Does the breakpoint work or not?

Second: If you read the docu from the Repository Explore you will find that the related BO is the "UtilitiesExtensibility" and not the "Account". :-(

. Horst


Hi Horst,

Thanks for your reply,

First ,the breakpoint didn't work if I use "Enhancement Option: UtilitiesAccountSearch"

Second, I find that the related BO is the "UtilitiesExtensibility" but I can't understand the mean of "UtilitiesExtensibility" ,especially "Utilities".

Finally and most important, If I want to achieve my demand that enhance Account search,what can I do?


Hi Horst,

Thank you for answering so many questions to me and solved many of my problems.

But in this problem I think you may be not understand me,maybe I didn't make myself clear.

I want to filter data(custom or standard ) before I get into OWL view according to some logics, but not add some extension fields to standard queries and then fill these extension fields to find data.

My point is automatically filling in the default values for the query field.

Look forward to your reply



Hello Benny,

Okay, got it.

But this is not possible. :-(
The Extensibility Explorer of the UI Designer does not support any extension into a DefaultSet of a standard query.

. Horst

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