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Feb 15, 2007 at 04:01 PM

Follow on documents not created in EBP


Hello SRM Team,

We have created shopping carts with combination of of catalog items and Free texts items.

Purchase Order has been created for catalog items but purchase requisition has not been created for free texts.

This is also only few shopping carts that too particular day only . please note that the same combination has worked before and after.

If I looked at the REQHEAD table for corresponding shopping cart it clearly showing error processed field showing the number(free text items corresponding SC).

Corresponding line items(PR has not been created items) status is showing '6'(R/3 object created).

If I want to reprocess the error processed line items what should i do? Can you please advise on this it is very urgent for me.

Is there anyway I can generate purchase requistion number for remaining items.