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Feb 15, 2007 at 02:54 PM

Has a formal "buddy system" ever been tried at SDN ???


OK -

So we've got ABAPers on systems below NW2004s but at least 4.6c.

But because of where they work, they're stuck maintaining programs with "WRITE

s" or lists or pre-OO ALV's. Furthermore, they've never worked with pre-WDA ABAP OO Controls, because the opportunity/need hasn't arisen.

So what I'm thinking is an SDN "buddy" system which would work as follows:

An SDNer requests a "buddy" by posting a spec of a Controls program he or she would like to try to write. This program can't be a copy of an existing tutorial program or SAP-delivered example program - it has to do something different - a new combination of screens or techniques that doesn't exist in one place right now. For example - drag and drop from something to something that hasn't yet been illustrated in a tutorial or SAP-delivered example.

The SDNer indicates in the spec that he or she has reviewed the available tutorials and SAP-delivered examples. (In a sticky at the top of the "buddy" forum, instructions are given as to where to find the SAP-delivered examples in SE80/)

A "buddy" SDNer then responds to the spec by saying - OK - I'll help you out when you get stuck. By doing so, the "buddy" SDNer commits himself or herself to answering any reasonable question from the original poster until the project is complete.

The exact same rhythm as above could be used to create WDA buddies/WDJ buddies for SDNers on NW2004(s) systems who have no work assignments to use WDA/WDJ.

Points would be awared to buddies and the folks they're helping according to some reasonable scheme developed by SDN management.

I'm sure that nobody will like this idea ... but I don't know why.