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Feb 15, 2007 at 12:44 PM

pass multiple params to a popup window iChart


I have an irpt that has toggle buttons at the bottom of the page. When a person clicks a toggle button a new window opens, passes the param to an iChart and displays the chart. Currently, I am only passing one param. My queries (current page and ichart) have 4 param and I would like to know the correct syntax in passing multiple params.


var SelOption = ProductID
var strUrl = "Histogram_QA_Moistures.irpt?ID="+ ProductID;, "Histogram");

My first parm is "Histogram_QA_Moistures.irpt?ID="+ ProductID

I need to add...

"Histogram_QA_Moistures.irpt?Line="+ Line

"Histogram_QA_Moistures.irpt?Operator="+ Operator

"Histogram_QA_Moistures.irpt?Lot="+ Lot

Please show me the correct syntax to line all four of these param for strUrl.