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Feb 15, 2007 at 10:31 AM

Problems with missing segment in testing IR


Hi all,

I have an scenario Flat file --> IDOC.

I have created an enhancement for the IDOC. The IDOC name is ZFIDCC1_FAC.FIDCCP02.FIDCCP02.

The IDOC has the segments: -EDI_DC40




I'm testing the interface in the IR and I get the correct result. Now, I´ve change the Message mapping (a sort change, for example change the description), save and activate, and now the result is not ok. In the test lab I can not see the ZE1FICO segment.

I ´ve imported again the IDOC and generated again the metadata in IDX2. Also, I´ve done a Cache refresh in IR and ID, and the result is not ok.

Please, I need your help!!!!!!. I don´t understand what happen.....

Thanks in advance.