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Using L_TO_CREATE_MULTIPLE with special stock

May 17, 2017 at 04:50 PM


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I'm using FM L_TO_CREATE_MULTIPLE to create TO using the next structure:

IF gw_alv-lgtyp(1) EQ 'K'.
lw_ltak-bwlvs = '999'.
ELSEIF gw_alv-lgtyp(1) EQ 'M'.
lw_ltak-bwlvs = '997'.
lw_ltak-lgnum = 'ME1'.
lw_ltak-trart = 'X'.
lw_ltak-bdatu = sy-datum.
lw_ltak-bname = sy-uname.
lw_ltak-cntps = '0001'.
lw_ltap-matnr = gw_alv-matnr.
lw_ltap-werks = '1000'.
lw_ltap-lgort = gw_alv-lgort.
lw_ltap-charg = gw_alv-charg.
lw_ltap-anfme = gw_alv-einme.
lw_ltap-altme = gw_alv-meins.
lw_ltap-nidru = abap_true.
lw_ltap-vltyp = gw_alv-lgtyp.
lw_ltap-vlber = '001'.
lw_ltap-vlpla = gw_alv-lgpla.
lw_ltap-nltyp = gw_alv-nltyp.
lw_ltap-vlber = '001'.
lw_ltap-nlpla = gw_alv-nlpla.
* lw_ltap-sobkz = ''.
* lw_ltap-sonum = ''.
APPEND lw_ltak TO lt_ltak.
APPEND lw_ltap TO lt_ltap.

When I use both fields sobkz (special stock indicator) and (sonum). I get "Storage type XXX does not allow negative stock figures" but if I don't use it, the program is running correctly. I mean, i can not process TO with special stock.

The problem, I think, is that the program don't get the correct quant from the stock and try to make a newone with negative stock. This only happend with special stock.

I have tryed using SONUM with the conversión and without.

Anyone has idea about it? How to use L_TO_CREATE_MULTIPLE with special stocks.

thanks a lot

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1 Answer

Raghu Govindarajan May 17, 2017 at 08:06 PM

Looks like your source stock is not special stock. Check the LQUA entry that is equivalent to your source stock - in your case gw_alv-lgtyp, gw_alv-lgpla, gw_alv-matnr and gw_alv-charg. Does that entry in LQUA have SOBKZ and SONUM set?

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Yes It has an entry in LQUA. A little doubt could be if I have to fill SONUM with WBS element or the LQUA value (after conversion from FM), anyway I tried both.

Is so weird because if I don't fill up SOBKZ and SONUM the FM gets the correct Quant, but when I do it, FM make a new quant with negative quantity instead of use the source quant.

Sorry about that, I'm not an ABAP especialist.



SOBKZ and SONUM should have the same number as in the source LQUA entry. I just noticed that the your code also is attempting to populate some fields in the LTAK structure. Do not do that, the LTAK is a return table for what has been created. Only populate the EXPORTING parameters and the T_LTAP_CREAT table.