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Former Member
Feb 14, 2007 at 02:54 PM

Service Message: Sold-to-Party empty (solman 4.0)


I created a message (Help > Create message...) and it works perfect, except for the Sold-to-Party. This field is still empty.

The sold-to-party (partner) determination is based on an iBase.

In Tcode: ib52, iBase 1 the structure looks like:

- Solution Manager Installation

-- Service Desk

--- Sap Systems

  • When I assign an sold-to-party by selecting Solution Manager Installation. No support Team will be assigned to new messages.

  • When I assign an sold-to-party by selecting Sap Systems, the Support team field is filled.

However, in both situations the Sold-to-Party is empty.

When i open an message, the IBase / Component field is 0. Shouldn't this be 1?

If so, how to solve this?