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Feb 14, 2007 at 02:24 PM

populating final internal table



i have 5 internal that 1 & send have one common field,2 & 3 have one common field,similarly 3& 4,3 & 5.

i need to populate final internal table with these five internal tables.

if i tried to populate it ,final internal table is appending for each internal table.

it is appending records more than one time.

t i am unable to do it.if any one knows please help,it's urgent.

i am giving my code which i wrote.

SORT it_t5utv BY txcmp.

sort it_eeo_locat by txcmp.

LOOP AT it_t5utv .

it_output-txcmp = it_t5utv-txcmp.

it_output-wksit = it_t5utv-wksit.

it_output-ltext = it_t5utv-ltext.

it_output-adres = it_t5utv-adres.

it_output-stras = it_t5utv-stras.

it_output-ort01 = it_t5utv-ort01.

it_output-state = it_t5utv-state.

it_output-zipcd = it_t5utv-zipcd.

read table it_eeo_locat with key txcmp = it_t5utv-txcmp binary search.

it_output-wstate = it_eeo_locat-wstate.

it_output-unitcd = it_eeo_locat-unitcd.

APPEND it_output.


sort it_eeo_locat by unitcd.

SORT it_eeo_unit BY unitcd.

SORT it_country BY countycd.

SORT it_naics BY naicscd.

LOOP AT it_eeo_locat.

read table it_eeo_unit with key unitcd = it_eeo_locat-unitcd binary


it_output-eeoccd = it_eeo_unit-eeoccd.

it_output-naicscd = it_eeo_unit-naicscd


it_output-unitname = it_eeo_unit-unitname.

it_output-street = it_eeo_unit-street.

it_output-street_ext = it_eeo_unit-street_ext.

it_output-city = it_eeo_unit-city.

it_output-eeoccd = it_eeo_unit-eeoccd.

it_output-state = it_eeo_unit-state.

it_output-zip = it_eeo_unit-zip.

it_output-zip_rem = it_eeo_unit-zip_rem.

it_output-county = it_eeo_unit-county.

it_output-hq_ind = it_eeo_unit-hq_ind.

it_output-hire_ind = it_eeo_unit-hire_ind.

APPEND it_output.


loop at it_eeo_unit .

read table it_country with key countycd = it_eeo_unit-county binary


it_output-countynm = it_country-countynm.

read table it_naics with key naicscd = it_eeo_unit-naicscd binary


it_output-naicsnm = it_naics-naicsnm.

APPEND it_output.