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Rules for posting key 40 and acct 'XXXX' set incorrectly for "" field

May 17, 2017 at 11:57 AM


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Hello all,

Hope someone here will give me some idea about issue below.

when posting document via tcode F-02

I tried to debug at FM : FI_FIELD_SELECTION_DETERMINE then compare data between TBSL-FAUS2 (Account/Posting Key Field Selection) and T004F-FAUS2(Account/Posting Key Field Selection) then know the error come because one field is set as '+' it mean require field.

But i checked in OBC4 and there is no require field.

I have some question:

1. how the field T004F-FAUS1 and T004F-FAUS2 mapping when maintain in OBC4

2 how the field T004F-FAUS2 is updated ?

Thanks in advance,


f-02.png (72.2 kB)
t004f-tbsl.png (79.4 kB)
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1 Answer

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Former Member May 17, 2017 at 12:26 PM

It seems (from the error message) that there is a conflict in field status variant for GL and field status variant for posting Keys.

Check the following tcodes:
OBC4 (field status for GL, which I think you have already seen)

OB41 (Field status for Posting Keys) {Open OB41, double click on posting key 40 and click on button "Maintain Field Status", top left}

This error arises when the same field is suppressed in one Field Status and required in other. Make the field optional in the Field status where it is required (obviously you will need client approvals) and this error will be resolved.



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Former Member

Hello Niles,

Thanks for your reply. I checked Field status for Posting Keys in OB41 and there is no require field. then i think the issue from OBC4.

I agree that the error cause by "the same field is suppressed in one Field Status and required in other "

but what i don't understand that although in field status for GL(OBC4) there is no require field but the value storage in table field : TBSL-FAUS2 existed one '+' sign it mean require field.

you know that if i create field status copy from the error one A331 then set all field is optional but in the database field TBSL-FAUS2 still storage one '+' sign.

If i create new one did not copy from the old one and set all optional then did not see any '+' sign.