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Feb 14, 2007 at 11:45 AM

display heading in report



COMPONENTS March April May June July

INDIAN 116.7 116.95 114.6 96.41 96.05

IMPORTED 216.83 187.55 250.12 223 223.69

PACKING MATERIAL 4.85 6.52 5.65 6.75 4.9

Total-Inventory 391.33 352.01 352.06 352.01 352.01

I can get these values from 0ic_co3

I will get the Indian if I take Valuetype = Land1 (Indian) ,KF Amount

Imported I get Valuetype = Land2 (Imported) ,KF Amount

Stock in osp I can get using Mat type & VERP ,Amount

I can create restricted keyfigures on these but it displays me the data like

This in report

Indian 540.7( showing me the total of all months)

Imported 1101.19

But I want the report to display for individual months i.e I enter the value 2007 in the selection screen then it should show me for individual months what is the value

i.e it should display the heading like this how is this possible

COMPONENTS March April May June July