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Feb 14, 2007 at 11:44 AM

Macros in BEx 2004s


Hi all.

I have to create a macro in a workbook that execute everytime that refresh the workbook or when it is loaded.

I've been reading a lot of threads/questions and all of them refers to

SAPBEXonRefresh (..... ) or SAPBEX.xla, etc.

The problem - in fact, my problem - is that with this version of BEx (2004s SP12) there is no "sapbex.xla" and there is no "SAPBEXonRefresh( )" method in the Visual Basic Editor. There are only the following elements:

a)BexAnalyzer (BexAnalyzer.xla)

- Microsoft Excel Objets

- Modules

--> Common

--> ConnectionHandling

--> xBEXapi

--> xBexPrec

- Class Modules

--> BExEventHandler

b) VBA Project (my_workbook.xls)

I've created a new module (Module1) and create the "famous" SAPBEXonRefresh (.... ) sub but nothing happened.

I think that the others questions/post are related to BEx 3.5 but I'm using the new one.

So, the question is/are:

1) How can I create a macro inside this workbook? (It will be use only in the Excel Based frontend Analyzer - not in the web). Which is the method/sub that I have to modify or to implement?

2) (if the previous is possible) how can I get the number of columns and rows of the dataprovider (DP_1 = "Query: LiabilitiesReport ") ?.

I've run the test (C:\......\BW\sapbexc700.xla) and it works ok.

I've been trying all the day and I can't understand how this new BEx works. I've read papers, questions, blogs, etc and no one refers to this new version (or at least I couldn't get the right one)

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance/MfG