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One company code with multiple C & A


Currently,One pharma company sells its product to 30 C & A (consignment Agent) in different states of India. Each C & A will do GR with 501 movement type (without PO reference).

Now the requirement is that create one company code and under this company create 30 plants instead of 30 C & A.


without company, create 30 plants instead of 30 C & A and sells its product.

Which is the best option(with company code or without company code)? Any tips please.

Note:for each plant (C & A) we need to have separate invoice. Each C & A (plant) will use pharma company's SAP system.

One C& A = one plant(assume).


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2 Answers

  • May 17, 2017 at 11:03 AM

    How would you use a plant without company code assignment at all? Have you ever tried this in your sandbox?

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  • May 17, 2017 at 11:24 AM

    Sorry jurgen.

    For these 30 plants(C & A),

    create one another company code(not pharma company's company code) with 30 plants (C & A)?


    create another 30 company codes with 30 plants?

    Which is the best option?

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    • you have not explained the purpose of this requirement, so how can we justify what will be the right approach.

      A company code represents usually a legal entity. I would never create companies when they are not needed, I would discuss lively the need of extra plants if I do not see any real benefit.

      Just recently someone tried to convince me to create 20 new plants instead of storage locations, just because it would be easier to determine the shipping point. Of course I am able to list 10 to 20 points where a plant had advantage over storage locations, while I can't make such big list for storage locations, here I have usually only 2 points: much less data maintenance, easier concept for end-users.

      I don't want to go into too much detail with my current project but such decision can only be taken if you have full knowledge on the details (where we needed a full day workshop). I would not want any stranger to tell me how my design should be, finally its me who has defend this design against users and often even to their CEO. I doubt that you can stand behind a design if I just tell you words: go for option A

      You even want replace a pretty straight forward customer consignment process (which does not even have a storage location involved) with a monster setup, along by shifting external sales to internal business.

      Think about that the work does not end with customizing, 30 companies need to make the month end closing procedures, every month.