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Feb 14, 2007 at 04:27 AM

Delaying an EDI delivery output by one minute


One of our consultants wants to delay an EDI output for deliveries by one minute (to give other processes a chance to complete before sending).

Scheduling RSNAST00 once a minute with the message type isn't a suitable solution - we want the message type to be picked up for output processing one minute after the delivery is saved, not once every minute.

We've tried transaction NACE, using the 'Time' tab and the output timing program option for the output type in question, but the attempted code failed - and the Delivery Output screen doesn't even seem to be hitting the output timing program, no matter what dispatch time we select.

Does anyone here have suggestions as to why we're not hitting the output timing program? I've set up a break-point inside the output timing program (RSFNDTIM

), but haven't yet been successful in reaching it.

Alternatively, got another way of solving this problem? I'm open to suggestions!