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Feb 13, 2007 at 08:07 PM




I followed the following steps to include changes to the performResetPassword() method in the file

1. obtain umelogonbase.jar

2. unzip umelogonbase.jar

3. use JAD to decompile ALL classes in umelogonbase.jar

4. added all java files to my workspace (under src.core)

5. resolved all build errors by adding external jars and organizing imports

6. modify umelogonbase.jar so that it no longer contains the com folder (where all the classes reside)

7. included the modified umelogonbase.jar and into \dist\portal-inf\lib and \dist\portal-inf\private\lib

8. successfully built project and all classes were built and found in classes.api

9. export project to PAR

10. uploaded PAR to portal

I am unable to view the default logon component for the uploaded PAR. Portal returns

An exception occurred while processing a request for :

iView : N/A

Component Name : N/A


The log files is logging: <please see next post>

I do not understand why it would say that IAccessToLogic is not found. I can see it in the classes.api folder in my developer studio. If I choose to replace the modified umelogonbase.jar with the original, unmodified umelogonbase.jar, then there are no problems. However, I needed to modify the umelogonbase.jar so that I can customize the password reset functionality.

Any help would be much appreciated.