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Can the determined priority of ATC-checks be tweaked?

May 17, 2017 at 06:35 AM


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Hi Folks,

I'm fairly certain that I saw a response to this question somewhere already but regardless of what I search for I'm not able to find it. So, please excuse this most likely duplicate question.

What I'd like to do is to customize the determined priority of several ATC-checks to better suit our needs. Some of the checks with default priority 1 & 2 findings would currently generate way too many hits which prevents us from using the checks to block transports from leaving the DEV-system.

We currently have the ATC-checks enabled during transport release but only for informational purposes, they can still be ignored. The plan is to change this to block transports with priority 1 & 2 errors but we'll then have to avoid too many false hits preventing a timely release of the transports.

We are on 740 SP 11

Thanks for any pointers you have!



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Bärbel Winkler May 19, 2017 at 10:19 AM

In case that this is of interest to others, here is the answer (which I re-discovered in the depth of my mail program of all places!)

In Transaction SCI use menue-entry Goto --> Management of --> Message Priorities

Open the node in the tree structure to display the relevant check, then click on the current status icon and select the new one:

The new setting will take hold immediately when SCI/ATC are executed the next time.

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Baerbel, thanks for following up on this and sharing the answer! Please click "Accept answer" button underneath the answer, so that this question is marked as "answered". This will save time for those who search for the questions that still need to be answered. Thank you!


Thanks, Jelena! I wasn't quite sure if it's "appropriate" to accept my own response as the best/correct one. But, at a guess, the gaming aspect of Answers with regards to e.g. karma-points and the like should be "intelligent" enough to just disregard them. And then, perhaps nobody pays attention to these anyway!


I know what you mean. I'm a bit fuzzy on the "karma points" but in the old SCN if you marked your own answer as correct you did not actually get any points. Either way, this actually has been quite an appropriate action all along. Thanks for following up on this!