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Former Member
Feb 13, 2007 at 10:35 AM

Link to Rework order from Production Order


I am entering a variance code when I do an operation confirmation for the main production order and enter a rework quantity. The variance code is linked to user status which uses trigger point to create a separate Rework order. The only link I found between Rework Order and main Production order is that the main production order appears in the costs settlement rule of the Rework Order.

1. Is there any other link between the main production order operation for which I entered rework quantity and the separate Rework order?

2. When I enter 'Yield' or Scrap' quantity confirmations for the Rework Order, how is this information passed back to the main Production order? What effect does Rework order have on confirmation of main production order for subsequent operations?

3. The Rework Order is created without material number. So I cannot do a goods receipt for the Rework Order. How can I enter the delivered quantity for the Rework Order? How can I set the Final delivery flag?

Thanks for your feedback.