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Multiple Series in Column Line Chart same as Xcelisus

Hello Experts,

i ma very new to the Design studio.kindly help me how to map multiple series in one chart

we have column line chart with the below details

X-Axis represents Year,Primary Axis(Y Axis) showing Accidents and Secondary Axis showing Quantity,multiple bars are showing with different colorsfor different continents.i can map these measures and dimesnion in Xcelsius easily when i try to do the same from design studio the secondary axis splits for each continents


i mapped the objects in design studio as below

X-Axis:Year,No of Accidents as primary Axis and Quantiy as Secondary Axis and Continents as legend Color.everything looks fine but the seondary Axis(Quanity i need to show over year) but design studio splits that qunaity by continents over year.

does anybody know how to customize the secondary axis for only Year means the quanity should show over year it should not split by Eah continents.

Thank you,


design-studio.png (124.7 kB)
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1 Answer

  • May 17, 2017 at 12:27 AM

    Hi Prasad,

    What you have experienced is the correct behaviour of the Design Studio chart. When you place a dimension in the legend, this becomes compounded with the measures to form the data series available for the chart. The reason why it appears as desired in Xcelsius is that in the spreadsheet you would have explicitly defined the first four data series, No. of Accidents, by continent and the remaining two, Quantity, by year.

    What type of data source are you using for your Design Studio application? BW, HANA or Universe? To replicate the Xcelsius chart in Design Studio you will need to define your data series in the required groupings directly in the backend data source. So, with a BW BEx Query for example, you would need to define four key figures for No. of Accidents, each restricted by a specific continent. You would then need to define the two remaining key figures for Quantity, each restricted by year.



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