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Feb 13, 2007 at 05:58 AM

Specifying Soruce Directory paramters on Development and Quality


Hi All,

i am using a File to File scenario for loading master data into HR system. This scenario works well in Development. Now i am trying to move the same to quality but i have some doubts.

1) For the sender Communication channel i have given the Source Directory of the File Adapter as usr/sap/XID/IN/US where XID is the development SID. Now if i transport this to Quality my SID will change to XIQ so do i have to manually change the Source Directory Setting on Quality.

2) On the receiver Communication Channel I am making use of FTP and the connection Parameters point to the development server, again when this is moved to Quality these setting should also point to Quality. So do I need to maintain the Integration Directory related setting manually on Quality.

Can anyone let me know clear my doubts and also tell me the procedure for moving objects from XI Development to XI Quality.